There are increasing signs that point towards a John Terry autobiography in 2017 as finally leaves Chelsea at the end of the 2016/17 season. We don’t know whether he’ll retire from football, or move to the MLS or China, however being Mr. Chelsea, it’s increasingly feasible that he will retire.

Whilst we can all guess about whether Terry’s autobiography release is imminent or not, the key think to note is what Amazon are saying.

If you search for ‘John Terry Book’ on Amazon, the top result is this.

john terry autobiography 2017

[see the result yourself]

So the first clue is there – Amazon have a book listed under the author of John Terry, to be published by John Terry. This will no doubt be populated with more detail when Terry’s future in football is confirmed.

We do know that Harper Collins do hold the rights to publish  and release the John Terry autobiography. Harper Collins seeded a story with the Daily Mail back in 2012 saying that he wouldn’t be publishing that year as was their initial plan, as Terry was mired in turmoil including the Wayne Bridge problem, and the racism storm that was surrounding him. A wise move indeed! They also confirmed that it would be released at the end of his career.

Given that he has been a Chelsea legend and one man club, it’s difficult to see him playing elsewhere, and what better way to sign off your illustrious football career than calling it a day immediately after lifting the Premier League trophy?

From this we can conclusively say: John Terry WILL be releasing a football book very soon.